John Christopher: Welcome to a Week of John Christopher Novels

Today we start our Bookian Homage to the great author John Christopher. This exceptionally prolific British author, whose books are unfortunately difficult to come across, and many of which are now out of print, has entranced youngsters since the late 1960s with tales of post apocalyptic worlds and those who live within them. His most well known series, The Tripods, needs no introduction, but if it does, just read it.

His adult literature is similarly post apocalyptic, though it is difficult to tell if his adult themed books are scarier than his YA lit. It has often been remarked upon that the roles of women in his novels is fairly undeveloped, although it can be said his stories are of harsh times, dystopic adventures in the realm of pirates and boys, and as such are relatively genre heavy. However, especially with the historically recent arrival of extraordinary women authors such as Andre Norton, Margaret Atwood, Octavia Butler, James Tiptree, Jr (Alice Sheldon), Ursula K. Le Guin and Madeleine LEngle, we are in times of change, and so it must be mentioned.

That said, outside of these criticisms, anyone who feels a stirring at the possibilities our world faces, both of the psychological and the scientific, must read at least one of these books in their lifetime. We have compiled some of our staffs picks and they have each written a short review of one of his books. By no means a complete bibliography, as Christopher has been exceptionally prolific with over 70 novels, it still is a good survey and hopefully a small homage to this outstanding author.