The Fiction Writing Workshop

"Every person with a burning desire to tell a story has had to start somewhere," says Kaylie. "Some of my most reticent students have gone on to publish novels to critical acclaim, even selling their novels to Hollywood."
Born in Paris to novelist James Jones, Kaylie Jones studied language and literature at Wesleyan University and received an MFA in Writing from Columbia University. She is the author of five novels including A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries, which was made into a Merchant Ivory Film directed by James Ivory and starring Kris Kristofferson and the critically acclaimed novel, Speak Now. Kaylie also worked at Poets & Writers, Inc. in the Readings/Workshops Program and later as the assistant to the Director of Development. She taught fiction workshops at The Writers Voice, then became involved in the creation of the MFA Program in Writing at LIUs Southampton campus, where she still teaches Literature and Fiction Writing. In addition, Kaylie chairs the James Jones First Novel Fellowship, which awards $10,000 yearly to an unpublished first novel. In the last ten years, seven of the winners have been published to impressive critical acclaim.

This workshop will focus on the fundamental tools of technique. You will learn how to:

Choose the right point of view/voice for your story or novel
Start at the right point in the narrative
Build tension and comprehend the dramatic arc of your story
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Best use dialogue and descriptive devices to advance your story
Recognize the most common mistakes in fiction writing

There will in-class writing exercises which the students may use a conduit or starting point for longer stories. Each of these time-tested exercises is intended to focus on one aspect of technique. Your work will then be read aloud and discussed in class.