The art of harmony: a guide to happiness

art-harmonyEscape the chaos of everyday life and learn to live in harmony… leading you down a path of true happiness and fulfillment.

It’s hard to get through the day without facing disappointment. Our days are hectic, rushed and the next thing you know, you’re doing it all over again. There never seems to be enough time for you, time to sort things out and put them into perspective. You just want to get it all lined out… but when?

In this new, expanded second edition, author Sang H. Kim brings you the original verses along with new insightful anecdotes and explanations – shedding light on the core principles of harmony and happiness.

Readers have called The Art of Harmony enlightening, fulfilling and heart opening. Whenever times are rough, seek the wisdom and simplicity of this timeless book to find harmony with yourself and your surroundings.